Critical projects completed with the help of some special organizations.

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Critical projects completed with the help of some special organizations.
By: Jerry Rhoads ~ 8/3/2018

Critical projects completed with the help of some special organizations. We were successful in both purchasing a commercial Steam cleaner to clean and sanitize our lift chairs and hospital bed mattresses and to upgrade our HVAC system.

PressureWasherKCHelp08032018b_s.jpgPrior to obtaining the steam-cleaning unit, we had to hire a professional service to perform the sanitization. This created delays and expenses. Our backlog was so large; we had to stop taking requests. The Unit allowed us to catch up on the backlog of client that requested a lift chair and to reopen taking client request. An elder retirement house would not let one of their residents obtain a lift chair from KC HELP. They required certification that there were no bed bugs in the chair. With our commercial steam cleaner, we were able to assure the manager that the chair was sanitized and free from bed bugs. We are currently staying up with the demand. Here are some Pictures of a volunteer cleaning a lift chair and the unit itself.

We were successful in upgrading our HVAC system to provide cooling in both our client receiving and staff office area, as well as our maintenance shop area. This summer has proven its worth. Our client’s staff and volunteers are much appreciative of our new system. Campbell and Company donated the 4 ton heating and cooling unit and ducts and through a grant from Three Rivers Community Foundation and donations from Tri-Cities Association of Realtors to cover installation cost, we were able to reach this goal. Staff and volunteers now have a comfortable place to work and clients do not have to suffer the heat of summer or cold of winter while they wait for us to get their equipment ready. Clients waiting for Dial-A-Ride transportation have a comfortable area to wait. Dial-A-Ride drivers would come inside to help them to their waiting ride. This helped us establish positive relationships with another community partner.

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