Shooting Victim's Friend Reaches Out to KC Help

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Shooting Victim's Friend Reaches Out to KC Help
By: Jerry Rhoads ~ 10/15/2018

I remember many years ago Paul Harvey used the phrase “now you know the rest of the story” as part of his Monday through Friday radio broadcast. A recent event at KC Help brought that phrase back to mind.

July4ShootingTriCities2018.JPGPage 1) The Tri City Herald reported that on July 4 th, at Howard Amon park in Richland, a crime occurred where a young man was shot. Hundreds of families and friends ran from the south end of the park. The arriving officers cleared the park of all that had come to celebrate with their families.

Page 2) After several months of investigation, the Herald reported an ongoing story that two adults were charged with convincing youths to fire a weapon in the park at Sergio Rivera. He was wounded and transported to the hospital. The Herald reported that Sergio remained in serious but stable condition. Tragedy can happen to anyone and at a time we least expect it and how we respond to tragedy that marks us as a person, a friend, or a community that cares.

Page 3) A few weeks after the shooting, a friend of Sergio’s came to our KC Help building in Pasco to see if she could get some medical equipment for him. He had no insurance. He needed a wheelchair, walker, and bathroom assistive equipment to help him during his recovery. KC Help was able to provide Sergio’s friend the needed equipment and pray that his recovery continues to improve. We were pleased that our community had donated to KC Help the resources to step in and help Sergio in this way. Now you “know the rest of the story.”