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Tools, Tools, Tools, Wherefore Art-thou!
By: Jerry Rhoads ~ 12/15/2018

Our greatest asset is our volunteer force. We are continually looking for ways to improve our support of our volunteers. They make us one of the more efficient organizations around. How? They fix things. From electric beds, to walkers, to manual and electric wheelchairs, to lift chairs, to bathroom equipment.

It is amazing how they can take three broken wheelchairs and make two functional and sound ones. We have been successful at providing equipment to those in our community that need durable medical equipment at no cost because our volunteers do this. For all of our 22-year existence, our volunteers have used their own tools in addition to the few we have been able to acquire. However, packing their tool back and forth from home to our repair center and back each time they come to volunteer is not only a burden, but also at times their personal tools break or are misplaced. When the tool they need is not available, the project they were working on stops. We need to fix this now and you can help! Can you give KC Help a Gift?

We asked our volunteers; what they needed in order to set up our three repair stations with the right tooling to do their job. One station repairs walkers, crutches, knee scooters. Another repairs manual wheelchairs, transport chairs and bathroom equipment. The third repairs lift chairs, hospital beds, and electric wheelchairs and scooters. A lot of the equipment that is donated needs some form of refurbishment to assure our clients have sound and functional equipment to use. The last thing we want to see is any of our clients get hurt using the equipment we provided. With hundreds of items of equipment a month going out our doors to persons in need we have a continual need to refurbish the equipment that our community has donated. We need better tools for our volunteers to keep up.

Santa are you out there? Anyone with a spare toolbox? Too many drills or socket sets around? Check out the list and let us know.

cabnet.JPG chest.JPG Chisels.JPG Crow Bar.JPG Drills.JPG Impact.JPG pliers.JPG portable chest.JPG Rubber Hammer.JPG Sockets.JPG Vice.JPG Wrenchs.JPG
1. Tool chests, 1 rolling, two stationary
2. Two complete wrench sets (Metric and English) and organizer
3. Two complete sockets sets (Metric and English) and organizer
4. Two complete impact driver sockets
5. Two complete sets of pliers (reg, needle, nips, circlip, and multiple size channel locks) and organizer
6. Two new wrecking bars
7. Tool carrier
8. Two 18 volt battery Impact wrenches, with socket adapters and set of matching driver heads
9. Two Easy out sets
10. Two 18 volt Drill sets with drill bits
11. Magnetic grip for drill
12. Machinist vise for high bay.
13. Chisels
14. Hammers-soft headed

If you want to offer your gently used tools to us, please send us an email at or text us at 509-212-0900 or better yet, drop by our warehouse in Pasco any Tuesday or Thursday from 10am to 2pm. We are at 324 Margaret St across the park from Lourdes hospital. Thank you for so much for your support and we hope you have a blessed Christmas and holiday season.