Have you ever listened to the advertisements for adult diapers?

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Have you ever listened to the advertisements for adult diapers?
By: Jerry Rhoads ~ 2/28/2019

DependsAssistInSnow2019.jpgNo? Well, you must be under 50. In case you missed these ads, they purport to be secure, absorbent, long lasting, and strong. WE can now verify another use for these amazing articles. They are extremely affective should you get stuck in snow or ice. Joe (one of our volunteers) found himself in a predicament recently. A storm had covered our parking lot with deep snow over a layer of Ice. Joe is a retired state patrol officer and knows every trick in the book for getting cars and their drivers free from the menacing hazards of winter. Brave-hearted Joe pushed through and found the ideal spot for his front wheel-drive vehicle, slid into a parking space, and proceeded to join the crew in opening the warehouse for clients. A bit later, he needed to move his car and as winter would have it, his front wheels just spun. His reliable car would not budge.

Volunteers emerged with shovels, rock salt, and a number of crazy ideas on how to get Joe’s car free - to no avail. Then one of our clients came carefully walking by on the slippery ice and asked if we had any adult diapers. At first, we weren’t sure he was talking about freeing the car. However, he kept insisting that his idea would work.

Being a bit exhausted physically, and mentally, we rolled our eyes, and got an adult diaper pack. Our helpful client did not hesitate; he ripped it open and placed an adult diaper in front of each of the front tires. He instructed Joe to get behind the wheel and slowly creep forward. Joe reluctantly complied with a murmur under his breath that if this worked he would wear one for the rest of the day.

Well it did work and due to web page restrictions, we cannot show Joe in his attire, but we have reenacted the method so you too can see the benefit of these amazing items and add them to your car survival kits.
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