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KC Help Trailer is Ready to Roll
By: Jerry Rhoads ~ 4/1/2019

KCHelpTrailerDetailingE04012019.jpgA Big Shout Out to i-3 Global IT & Media
Services and Ranch and Home. Ranch and Home provided us the trailer at cost. Thanks George! In addition, thanks to the Go Fund Me drive created by our volunteer, Darla Rhodes. Then there is that special person who wished to remain anonymous who made a large donation, but also loves Norwegian Elkhounds. We could not resists putting a picture of one on the trailer. KC Help Volunteer Mike Reisenauer and Mike Perkins created the artwork for our KC Help Trailer. I-3 Global and IT Media Services donated the materials and labor. You would not believe the effort it takes to create this. It is an amazing work of art.

Oh! You would like to know the technical steps….. Well ……

KCHelpTrailerDetailingB04012019.jpgAfter careful design and consultation, the KC HELP trailer design was printed on a highly formable vinyl product using an EcoSolvent printer. After 24 hours curing, each of the dozen prints were laminated with a highly formable protective vinyl laminate with a 7-year UV fade resistance.

The prints were loosely hung on the trailer to measure and be sure the proper overlap between them was good. This allowed proper positioning and ensured each print matched up with the previous when going around the trailer. Then, after trimming where needed, the first print was taped into place and hinged halfway down. At the top edge of the print, the backing sheet was peeled away exposing the adhesive. Then it was lifted back into place at the marks and lightly tacked on the edge. The adhesive grabs when squeegeed from the front so working down it was carefully squeegeed into place. Because of the nature of the vinyl and pressure sensitive adhesive, the prints could be pulled away and repositioned as needed.
KCHelpTrailerDetailingC04012019.jpg KCHelpTrailerDetailingD04012019.jpg

Using a squeegee and a heat gun to carefully tuck material around the rivets takes time and patience. Because the vinyl materials have a memory, each rivet was then cut loose using a special tool that fits over the top. This prevents the vinyl from trying to lift away from around the rivet causing air pockets. Finally, using a squeegee and heat gun, each print was heated and set around the outside edges. Once down and in place each print was inspected for air bubbles and flaws to be sure it was perfect. Now then …. Aren’t you glad you asked? 

Stay tuned for more KC Help Trailer adventures as it journeys throughout Washington and down to Mexico.