We are upgrading to meet CDC Guidelines

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We are upgrading to meet CDC Guidelines
By: Jerry Rhoads ~ 3/22/2020

BLOGPOST_ReturnContainerKCHelp03222020.jpgA shipping container provided by Brent Thomas of First Storage Portable of Pasco (509-627-5923) is our interim equipment receiving container.

Returned and donated equipment will be placed in this container and fogged to kill any viruses, including the Covid-19 virus.

This allows separation of the equipment until it can be sanitized prior to joining the inventory. Fogging is the most effective way to assure all equipment surfaces are cleaned.

So when you bring your returned or donated equipment, drop it off at the container first. Volunteers in CDC protective gear will be on hand to load them into the container.

This is a change to our operation to assure no transmission of the virus from equipment occurs to our volunteers and clients.

We still hope to reopen soon - Our target is April 2nd. But, We are struggling to obtain hand sanitizer stations/lotion and masks. Our order was cancelled (not back logged) because of higher needs by hospitals and in home health care agencies. Although we reordered, it’s now projected to be April 25th before it arrives (assuming it’s not cancelled again).

If you have any to spare, please let us know. 509 212-0900.

Stay tuned as we put other features in place to assure we maintain social distancing.