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The Knights Community Hospital Equipment Lend Program
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About KC Help

We are group of dedicated volunteers that have been helping people and families within the Tri-Cities area since 1996. 

Anyone, even you can help us by either donating medical equipment to KC Help or making a monetary donation!

Frequently Asked Questions: 
How do I qualify?
No qualifications are needed. We provide the equipment based on need. Especially to those whose insurance coverage does not cover in-home rental.

What if I'm only insured for some items?
If your insurance can cover some of the needed items, we will try and supply the other things you need.

Do you need to be a member of the Knights?
No, this program helps  anyone in the Community that has a need and can't obtain it through their insurance.

Do I have to give you any lead time?
Knowing in advance always helps us plan, but don't hesitate to call anytime. Accidents aren't planned, but when they happen, we will help.

Will I have to pick it up?
IF You Can. KC Help has limited volunteers to be able to deliver and pick up equipment, except in special circumstances. Please call us for information. IF you have friends or family that can pick up the equipment at our warehouse. We will help load and instruct them on its use. Pick up or returned equipment to our warehouse at:
324 W Margaret St
Pasco WA 99301

What if I need the equipment a long time?
We will work with you to keep the equipment in your home as long as we possibly can. We will try to help everyone we can. Likewise, if we get low on available equipment and a critical need occurs, we may need to work something out. But we won't abandon you.

Can I make a donation?
Donations are always appreciated: the KC HELP is a non-profit charitable organization. We do not, however, expect you to make a donation nor will you ever be asked.

What if I accidentally break the equipment?
No problem. We will fix it or replace it as soon as we can. There is no obligation or contract. Just call us as soon as you discover something isn't working right.

If I know someone in need, can I refer them to the KC HELP?
Yes, please inform the person you are referring and we will follow up to see what they need.

Can the KC HELP provide any nursing or home medical care?
No, unfortunately we are not licensed to provide medical care service. We can help you contact other agencies that do provide in home medical care service.

Can the KC HELP provide counseling?
No, we are not professional counselors and can not offer that support. We will pray for you and we help you contact agencies, such as Tri City Chaplaincy, Catholic Family Services, and others that can provide this need.

Can I donate hospital equipment to the KC HELP for use in the Knights Community HELP?
You bet... And it's probably tax deductible.