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Hank Ogryzek

Hank Ogryzek - Facilities Manager Facilities Manager

Hank Ogryzek

It was in the fall of 2013 that we realized we would have to change from our mini storage system for our durable medical equipment to a central storage facility. Launching our capital-funding project included visits with our partner Knights of Columbus Councils in the Tri Cites. During the presentation to the Holy Spirit Council 10653, a friend and fellow engineer approached and said that if we ever built the central storage facility, he would like to be on the committee and would manage the facility. While I cringed at his humor “If we built it,” I was overjoyed to think of working with Hank on another project. However, zoning and land use restrictions and improvement requirements from the City put our first attempt financially impossible. Then, two years later, we had an opportunity to purchase a very old warehouse in Pasco near Volunteer Park. Part of it was built in the 1950’s with later additions in the early 70’s and 90’s.

With Hank shaking his head as we walked through it, he said “Well it will take a bit of work, but I think it can work.” “You get the money, and I’ll fix it up!” That began the journey of creating a central storage, repair and distribution facility in Pasco. Hank always has just a few more projects for the Regional Operation Center or ROC as he calls it. That first winter when a leaking roof created waterfalls in our repair area, Hank work with the Home Builder Association to get a new 50-year roof installed. From his knocking out walls to make a comfortable client waiting area and office for our staff, to supporting Mike Campbell installing a central air system for the client waiting room, office, and repair areas. He was able to get a permit from the City of Pasco to create a central passage through a block bearing wall so we can move hospital beds, lift chairs, and electric wheelchairs from one end to the other. He even did the engineering calculation to prove his design. He’s created a cleaning and sanitizing wash down area and revamped our 40 year old florescent fixtures with new LED lighting throughout the 5300 sq ft warehouse complex. From rewiring 60 year old circuits to placing power plugs at work/repair stations and retractable extension wiring to hook up our electric wheelchairs for maintaining battery life, the projects seemed endless, but Hank smiled and hummed throughout. His favorite line is “I have good news and bad news. The good news is we can do it. The bad news is you’re going to have raise more money!”

Hank has had a small but steady crew that makes this magic happen and his key ally, Adele, his better half, is often there during the off hours when the real work of restoration happens. What a team! Prayers of thanksgiving abound because Hank, with Adele’s support, said Yes.

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